Polyseal Engineers Tarpaulin Single Side Sealing Machine

Product Description

The machine will be on robust structure fit for side sealing of 65 to 500 GSM fabric up to 100 feet max. Our Side Sealing Machine Seals of HDPE/PP Laminated Fabric, LD Sheet of above 500 gauge & PVC Coated, SRF Nylon Sheet, Flex Banner (Poster), Polyester Fabric Coated Material. The structure length is 2 meters long and has the pressure system, electrical control panel, air blower and rope reinforcement attachment Edge-welding width 25 mm to 50 mm. Automatic rope insertion and edge sealing.

Control panel:
In-house electronic and electrical assemblies for the machine plus a timer circuit to control the speed.Power load: (Three Phase Supply)
1 HP DC drives for machine roller.
1 HP AC motor for air blower.
Drive system:
The machine is provided with DC motor (Thruster-Controlled) coupled to heavy-duty. reduction gearbox via chain and sprocket through the main shaft.
Heating system:
Forced heated air through nozzles at the nips.Utilities to be provided by a
2. 4 Sq. mm 4 Core copper cable for main supply to the machines with the proper earthling.