Multi Header Tarpaulin Sealing Machine Manufacturer

MULTIHEADER - PolySeal Engineering PVT.LTD.

Our multiheaders are time tested giants , with models currently running in field which are over 20 years old, and yet giving the same output as day 1 we stand by our product with a complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Mutliheader’s are custom made suiting to the customer’s needs and output requirements , the most popular product in the range is the six header machine which can run up to 5 webs of fabrics at a time, with online side hemming and rope insertion . Popular sizes include 6 Header for Commercial tarpaulin and 3 Header for pond liners.

New to the multiheaders is the chilling roll mechanism, that are fitted behind at the sealed fabric fallout these are chemical treated rolls to avoid corrosion, chilled water circulated in these rolls ensure instant cooling in the welded portion as well as the areas around the welded part to minimalize shrinkages and to reduce the stiffness of the weld joint. The fabric is further pressed down upon the chilled rolls by rubber rollers with the help of dual pneumatic cylinders ensuring maximum surface contact for higher heat transfer rates.

Multiheaders are divided into sealing zones, maximum being six (can be further customized), they all have individuals controls for heating, air blowers, solenoid functioning etc. these can be used for controlling individual welding joints, either or the machine can be controlled centrally by a single operator once the temperature for each zone is set. with perfectly slit and wound fabric these machines can be run by a single operator. 
the hot air sealing assembly i.e. The heaters and the blowers can reach upto 800oC temperatures suitable for sealing all kinds of fabrics like HDPE, PE, PVC etc.

MULTIHEADER - PolySeal Engineering PVT.LTD.

Features :

  • Heavy duty unwinders of any specified size mounted on rails. Popular sizes include : 6, 9, 10, & 12 feet.
  • Single point control for operator to operate such long machines and multiple heads from just one point.
  • Operating desk against the machine for easy control and movement of fabric.
  • Heavy duty folders are provided for automatic folding and rope insertion on two edges of the fabric.
  • Chilled water rolls on the output to get a very smooth and high tensile bond on the sealing joint
  • Auto heater break cut off – which immediately stops the whole machine operation when any heater is damaged or stops functioning.
  • Direct drive – the main drive is directly drive to reduce wear & tear as well as the noise levels.
  • Smart lights are provided on the output side to check for sealing errors manually during production.

Production : 7000 kgs/ day

Line speed : 50/60 meteres/minute

Sealing width : 35mm to 90mm (50mm standard) 

Dimesions : 40ft x 4ft x 6.5ft (LxBxH) (popular size ) 

Power : 5 HP 3 phase per head (connected load )

Heating : Upto 800C 

Note : ( All figures are dependent on GSM of fabric, figures indicated for 120GSM)