HDPE Pipe Sealing Machine

HDPE Pipe Sealing Machine

HDPE Pipe Sealing Machine



  • Dies of various sizes are available to make pipes of sizes ranging from 2 inch to 14 inch pipes.
  • Dual winding station provides ensures continuous sealing is maintained.
  • Synchronous drives provide single point control for the whole system.
  • Winders are equipped with counters which accurately provide the length in meters/feet of the pipe sealed & wound.

Production : 200kgs / day
Line speed : 35/40 meters/minute
Sealing width : 35mm to 50mm
Dimesions : 18ft x 4.5ft x 5ft (LxBxH)
Power : 6 HP 3 phase per head (connected load )
Heating : Upto 800C
Note : (All figures are dependent on GSM of fabric, figures indicated for 120GSM)

Developed recently this incredible machine is the new customer’s favourite, with the concept of Pipes made from fabrics this machine is used for manufacturing HDPE laminated pipes or as referred in Indian markets as Tota pipes, gaining lot of momentum in the market. Our machinery is a one stop solution for the whole manufacturing process. Ie. rolls are to be mounted on specially designed unwinders and finished wound pipes can be taken out from the other end, it is a turnkey conversion system.

the machine can be operated by a single operator.

Using a series of indigenously crafted precision digress dies the fabric moves gathering shape, then passing through the sealing head where necessary width of the weld can be pre-set. The pipe can be formed at an incredible line speed of up to 50metres/ min.*

the winding assembly consists of two winding stations with online length counter (using encoder) which will stop the winding motor after the entered value. So that the pipe can be cut and wound on the second winder, without stopping the process. 
the winder assembly also contains a series of chilling rolls which immediately cool the sealed fabric getting rid of most of the stiffness due to heat sealing so that the product can be wound smoothly, the heat removal ensures the product does not stick together during the winding process, helping it wind smoothly.